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Can I resize my ring?

Engagement rings and wedding bands can be resized up to one full size up or down (up to 2 sizes up or down in European and UK sizes), excluding infinity bands. Please initiate the resizing process by emailing hello@vrai.com with your order number, your confirmed shipping address, and the size you need, so our team can provide you with next steps. 


As a reminder, in order to protect your sentimental pieces during the busiest shipping period of the year and to allow our craftspeople the time needed to service your jewelry, we will pause annual shine, resizing, and repair services from November 1, 2022 through January 1, 2023. These services will resume as of January 2, 2023.


If you are shopping internationally, we kindly ask you to have a local jeweler resize your ring. We will then issue a refund up to $100 USD you once you provide a receipt from the transaction. To be eligible for reimbursement, please reach out to hello@vrai.com before resizing your ring, to initiate the process. Keep in mind, we are only able to offer this service if the resize is within the above mentioned parameters. Resizing outside of one full size, or up to 2 sizes in European or UK sizes will void your lifetime warranty with us.